Visual meetings and presentations – in person and online

I help you make your meetings and presentations more visual and your organization more vivid through pictures. Regardless of whether you are to present something, work out a common result, solve a problem or make a vision visible, the images make different situations appear clearer and easier to grasp. A complex situation can be described and understood better in all its dilemmas with the help of pictures.
Contact me to discuss what could be communicated more clearly in your organization by using pictures.
My mission is to contribute to understanding, commitment and clarity by using pictures.
Visualizing meetings and processes to create clarity is the common thread in my business. Below I explain more about each service I offer.
Graphic facilitation


Graphic facilitation is about facilitating a process by using images interactively. The emerging images contribute to participation, creativity and clarity.

Graphic recording or visual documentation


Graphic recording, or visual documentation means to “record” meetings and workshops by “live-illustrating”, ie a visual simultaneous interpretation of what is going on in the room.

Courses and training


Draw what you want to tell and catch what others say in pictures.
Develop your visual languages ​​and learn how to document and facilitate conversations and meetings using pictures.
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Tired of Powerpoint presentations at meetings and conferences? There are other ways to tell your story.

Trött på Powerpoint-presentationer?
Graphic recording SJ


Graphic recording at Executive Meetings and visual support for workplace meetings that take place around the country at SJ’s stations. The purpose has been to create interactive and participatory meetings where the images contribute to understanding, exchanges and activity.

Navet – A Story About a School

Graphic recording of the story of the municipal elementary school Navet in Örebro. The school’s management team and other key persons gathered to explore and visualize success factors, challenges and draw lessons for the future.
Filmed by Martin Frisén.

Visual Customer Journey - Husqvarna Fleet Services

Husqvarna Fleet Services

Visual Customer Journey and Requirements for Mobile App Development for Husqvarna Fleet Services.

Karin is responsive, witty, warm and very funny to work with! Karin’s work has really contributed to the development of our meetings in a great way and brought curiosity and knowledge of the value with the visual expression to achieve understanding and results.

HR strategist, Leadership Development & Core Values

Our digital development organization attaches great importance to our agile work and culture. Karin helped us visualize this in a simple and fun way through a number of workshops where everyone in the department has participated.

Jonas Florvik - Director Digital Solutions & Services Global Information Services