In a scribe video and explainer video the message is sketched through animation. It is a form of cartoon where messages are presented in an easily accessible and educational way. The scribe videos are often used when you want to explain something, hence the often used name explainer video.

Before we start drawing the storyboard and different scenes, it is important to create the story. What do we want to say? What should the recipient have realized, understood, felt, or experienced when she or he have seen the scribe video? What atmosphere do we want to create? Do you want any kind of action?

The script work is therefore very important and often the time you need to put on the script to get a strong story is underestimated.

The finished scribe video is, so to speak, the tip of the iceberg. What is not visible is the working process and what is needed for great results.

Here we describe our working process:

  • Start-up meeting / workshop with internal and external working group to decide on the main messages and produce a basis for continued idea work
  • Idea work
  • Overall storyboard
  • Script work
  • Sketches for the different scenes in the script
  • Casting / choice of voice
  • Ready to record script
  • Voice recording
  • Illustrations approved for animation
  • Animation / editing / sound effects etc.
  • A first look
  • Any adjustments
  • Showtime!

Contact me – you might have messages in your organization that can be helped by animated sketches.


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