Draw what you want to tell and catch what others say. Develop your visual languages ​​and practice how to document and facilitate conversations and meetings using pictures. During the training, you will practice your association skills, learn basic drawing techniques, watch and listen actively and transform this into simple pictures and start building your own picture library. You will be able to practice a lot!.
And remember – you don’t have to be a great drawer!

”To solve the problems of today we need to see and hear, read and look, write and draw”
Dan Roam, author of the book “Blah blah blah – what you do when words do not work”

About the training
• Draw in business
• How to draw different concepts
• When to use pictures
• Associate and improvise
• Active listening
• Basic drawing techniques
• Become a friend with the marker
• How to use metaphors
• Concrete and abstract
• The graphic language: figures, shapes, symbols, models

Course material
Markers, sketchbook and documentation of the training

We offer
Customized training for companies
Individual- and grouptraining to explore and develop your visual language

We experiment with markers, crayons and other material.

All small sketches can be made really big and used as templates at workshops.

A stick figure isn’t just any stick figure. In a simple drawing you can find your own, personal expression.

Examples of occasions where it is good to visualize!